March 2015

Week 1 – I struggled after my appointment on the 25th (PT) – the next day it hurt to sit, stand, move at all – mainly in the core area. By Friday my lower back was killing me.  It hurt to do anything.  So on Monday March 2nd, my PT (female – Brittany)  focused on stretching out my back – and we also did some modified squats (with band & ball).  Gave me an exercise in which I lay down – put my feet together and have my knees bent – and then rotated my knees from right to left – repeat.  It helped a lot.  I did this daily.  On Thursday 3/5, my PT (male – Brenden) – decided to take me in a different direction due to the amount of pain I was in after my 25th appointment.  NO squats or balance exercise.  We did a couple of new exercises one of which I call “lawn mower first with windshield wiper back and forth” laying on right side & left.  And also did a few band pulls.  The good news is that my hips seem to be hurting a lot less this week.

Elliptical – I have done every other day – at slower pace.  will be trying to do 15 minutes on Friday

Week 2 – 3/9 & 3/11 Physical Therapy.  Brenden & I finally had a pace worked out that worked for us and what does the intern do?  Go back to school.  I got a different therapist.  Matthew.  Now I like Matthew.  I do, but it’s going to take me a while to break him in.  I may just have to give him a bit of a hard time and throw in some humor for good measure.  After my sesson on 3/9 (I learned a few new exercises including one that I call Chicken Peckin’ Corn), I started having major shoulder pain and when I went in on 3/11 to find that I had a new therapist – I had to explain my normal pain (hips) and my new excrutiating pain in the shoulders.  So we had to modify or skip a lot of exercises.  He thought Squats would benefit, but I still had major trouble with them so he modified it differently.  We’re calling this one Forgetful Lady. This was after I said that, “I stood up to get something and forgot what I was doing so I’m sitting back down” was simply too long.

Week 3 – 3/17 & 3/19 Physical Therapy. On Friday the 13th, I woke up with blurry & distorted vision.  From that point through the 17th – I had variation of migraines.  Eye problems, nausea, headaches, dizziness.  When I went in on the 17th – I had just finished the headache portion & was experiencing the dizzy portion. It was bad.  We did a few new exercises, one of which made me cry so we’re going to back off on that one as my body just isn’t ready.  The first new one involved me laying on my back with my knees up in the air with a small ball in between my knees.  I lift my pelvis – squeeze the ball with my knee – then relax my knees without letting the ball drop and then relax my pelvis.  I’ve aptly named this one “Michael Jackson with Suzanne Somers.”  The one that bothered me so badly was moving my leg towards the back (used to do this in ballet a lot) – caused major back pain.  Also we began some step  exercises to work on the muscles in my hips & upper leg (quads maybe).  We did these new exercises along with some old ones – including one I’ve newly named Knee Windshield Wiper.  I’m now comfortable with Matthew although I really do miss Brenden’s personality.  They are different, but similiar.  I feel more confident that if I lose my balance on any exercise that Matthew will catch me.  I wasn’t as confident in Brenden’s ability to do that and to be honest I think it scared him every time I got a little off balance which made me feel a little more off balance.

My hips & upper legs are bothering me after this week’s exercise.  There is a fine line between soreness due to lack of conditioning & too much pain.  It’s difficult to learn how to balance that with knowing when to stop. Fortunately, Matthew & I’ve learned to read my cues (I realize that when I’m really hurting that I bring my lips into my mouth like I’m blotting lipstick). I’m learning when to say somethings bothering me without killing my lips in the process and I’m also learning to recognize exactly what’s bothering me.  Overall Physical Therapy is going really well.


Week 4 – 3/23 & 3/25 – nothing to note – seems to be steady.  Really enjoying most of my time at PT and feel like I’m making some progress.


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