February 2015 & PT

Week 1 – On February 1st completed first mile – and did it in 20 minutes.  🙂  Did exercise daily, sometimes twice a day.  Varying from 10 minutes to 25 minutes depending on how I was feeling.

Week 2 – Did exercise daily, sometimes twice a day varying from 20 to 30 minutes depending on how I was feeling.  Goal was at least .75 miles per ride.  Total for week was nearly 11 miles

Week 3 – Did exercise daily, ONLY ONCE per day.  Goal was at least .75 miles per ride.  Total for week was less than Week 2, but wasn’t feeling well this week (headache).  Total for week 9.27 miles (3/4 short of goal)

Week 4 – Change of plans.  I think I’m moving too quickly.  I am wearing out at the 5 minute mark so I’m going to push it 10 to 15 minutes max per ride.  So New Goal for week 6 miles plus PT exercises and PT on Monday (eval) and Wednesday (first real visit)

Physical Therapy:

I went for my first evaluation on 2/23/2015. The PT evaluation we mainly focused on my back & hips although we may wind up hitting other areas, but I think if my hips and back get stronger then my endurance will increase.  Since I have an elliptical machine at home, they recommended me to come in twice a week and I can work on the Elliptical Machine at home on my off days.  They did have me walk on the Elliptical there to see where we started with baseline and I actually went as slow as I did the first day I got on it.  My lower extremities were really bothering me a lot yesterday. He gave me 3 exercises to do at home.

PT 2/25/2015 – Today things were more difficult than they were on Monday, but that is because they raised the difficulty because some of the things I did were easier today than they were on Monday.  I went for 7 minutes level 2 on the Elliptical – did not look at mileage.  We did many things, but one thing we did really bothered my wrists and we had to stop before the scheduled reps were finished.  We also focused some on balance to see how things were in that department since when we did squats the proper way that I almost fell over.  He handed me a ball and I could barely lift it so he handed me a lighter one for squats which helped a lot, but he had to do extra support with some bands to help my knees feel like they weren’t popping out of place.  He used every trick in the book in order to help me be able to complete the squats.  I’m to pay attention to how I’m feeling in my muscles tomorrow.  Same 3 exercises at home, plus focus on breathing through belly while standing.


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