April 2015

Week 1:  3/30 & 4/2 – I began a new exercise on the 30th – a bolster type pillow under my knees and kicking out – aptly renamed by me the ReFlex Hammer.  On 4/2 – I went in feeling REALLY well.  I felt like the old me and we actually increased reps on almost all things – and did one new exercise in addition to the more recent new one.  1st new one ReFlex Hammer increased reps on and 2nd new one – named PacMan (also known as Clamshell) did 10 on each side. Well – I went to sit up to do the last exercise (was going to be 20 forgetful ladies) – and in mid sentence I stopped.  My right hip & hip flexor were hurting so bad that I could see stars and could barely speak – tears were forming.  It was bad.  I thought a minute or two and it would go away, but that was not the case.  It was bad.  He got me a ice pack and I rested for a bit until I could manage to leave.  I got in the car and cried from the pain.  I came home and pretty much stayed on ice all evening.  I was unable to do much of anything all weekend.  Thursday afternoon & evening was out of this world pain – Friday improved slightly – Saturday & Sunday were better, but I did nothing in terms of exercise.

Week 2 4/6/2015 & 4/8/2015 – We decided a combination of new exercises, plus increased reps, plus me being on my back for the duration of the PT last time contributed to my pain – too much too soon.  So we decreased reps back down to regular -did not do the new exercises and did a combo of on my back & upright exercises.   We did leave out 10 reps on the right side of leg lifts (aka the acute angle) – because it was causing pain during the first reps of them. I managed to complete everything with minimal pain so I feel confident enough to start back with exercises at home. Still had pain at end, but improved.

Week 3 4/13/2015 & 4/15/2015 – Increased reps on some, added weight on feet for one on 4/15 – felt pretty good afterwards – but on 4/16 – had back pain.  Did a few squats at home – without modifications.  Very pleased.

Week 4 – 4/20 – Added Clamshell (pacman) back in – and did “reflex hammer” sitting up instead of laying down. Did things backwards today – did standing exercises first.


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