I was in dance classes from the time I was young through Junior year of high school and then I took a dance class in college too.  I was also in the Marching Band & Winter Guard from 7th grade through 1st year of college.  I’ve always been fairly active.  That is until I got Lyme Disease (right before I started college, but was undiagnosed).  Even without flat out exercise, I was still relatively active through my position at work.  You can’t  NOT be active and be a preschool teacher. It’s just not an option.  However, March of 2014 was my last day at work and the duration of the IV therapy caused me to be very sedentary.  A sedentary lifestyle can be just as bad for you as Lyme!  I didn’t have an option.  I have horrible sweats with Babesia and with a PICC line you have to sweat as minimally as possible (don’t want that dressing to get wet) so adding in exercise was not an option for me.

One thing that I’ve been noticing is that I absolutely have no stamina.  We’ll go to the store and my legs & lungs would be winded before I could get into the store.  You can’t just jump back into something as if you’d taken no time off so I decided to take it slow.  We have an elliptical machine that has pretty much collected dust since it was purchased.  My husband used it for a while, but then stopped.  I began using it on January 13, 2015.  I took it “out” for a spin and my first day – 5 minutes.  It was bad.  My legs were wobbly, my heart was racing, the sweat was horrible and I had only gone a measily – 1/10th of a mile.  I collapsed on the couch and cried.  I have a goal.  I am in the processing of planning a 5K in NC in May 2016.  The last 5K I attended had a 1 mile fun run (the one we plan will too).  I was able to walk/jog the 1 mile and while I don’t remember the exact time I know it took longer than 30 minutes and less than 40.

Based on my 5 minute Elliptical walk, it was going to take 50 minutes to complete 1 mile.  My body has gone way down hill since a couple of years ago.  But I think part of that is simply that I didn’t have the ability to be active and once I get into a routine that things will go much smoother.   I really like to complete the 5K and not just the one mile and I have plenty of time to prepare my body for this.  Someone suggested the Couch to 5K program, but honestly that wouldn’t work for someone like me that can’t even walk 5 minutes.  Plus factor in outside conditions and my body wouldn’t be happy.  So I will use the Elliptical Machine to gain strength & endurance.

Goal:  February 28, 2015 – Use Elliptical for 20 minutes without feeling wobbly all over.  This is at the very basic level, no incline &  no resistance and stopping every 5 minutes on the machine to drink water to ensure I don’t lose too much fluids (I can’t drink & move at the same time – bad results happen).  I am already hopeful because since then I’ve already increased my time from 5 to 10 minutes.  I still felt wobbly at the end, but at the 5 minute mark I was still good and my rotations per minute are faster.  I’ve even already completed a few 20 minute rotations, but I was feeling fairly wobbly at the end.  I think I may have gone too fast.

Btw:  Last year I tried to use the machine and I couldn’t even get it to go around one rotation.


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