Being patient

I don’t know about you, but when I hear certain things – I kind of tune out afterwards.  It’s like my mind gets stuck on the few words and it can’t get past the words to comprehend the rest of it.  It’s why doctors recommend bringing someone with you when you go to your appointments because when you tune out – the other person will catch what you missed.  It’s kind of like the “bad news zone.”  So when my doctor used the words PICC Line, my mind already started whirling.  I knew what would follow would be difficult to process.

On Monday, I was upset.  Understandably so.  I’ve been through so much for so long that I was just exhausted.  However, I had a few friends that helped me both on the phone and in person.  My friends are such a blessing.

On Tuesday, I was doing better.  I made the call to schedule my appointments at my doctor’s office.  I

On Wednesday, I went to see a friend about seeing whether an idea I had would work for a PICC line cover.  It would work, but I decided in the end to go with what I did last time.  Socks!  On the way home, the PICC line place called and scheduled my appointment.  That afternoon, I took my prescription to the pharmacy for a new medication I’m supposed to start after blood work.   The pharmacy told me that my doctor called in other prescriptions – it was a list of 7 more medications  (5 antibiotics, 1 antifungal and another kind of medication that’s supposed to help my body retain sodium).   I nearly lost it right there in Target because the list of antibiotics must have been listed when I was zoned out at my doctor’s office.  Two of them make me vomit almost immediately, one makes me extremely dizzy, two I have never tried and one I’ve been on before and I wound up only taking 2 because of the reaction it gave me.  Only one of the seven of them don’t cause me problems.  So needless to say I was VERY upset.  I asked them to put them on hold so I could digest it all.

On Thursday, I had a lymphatic drainage  massage appointment.  This lady is the best in the whole world.  Well maybe not, but I just adore her.  After this, I took a friend to her appointment.  Now the thing is – she goes to a different office.  My favorite person at my doctor’s office left and went to this office.  I needed to see my friend and I needed to see this lady.   When she saw me – it took her a second to realize and then she began to get a huge smile and hugged me.  I melted in her arms and began to cry.  It lasted a few seconds, but it was what I needed.  It was nice to see her.

Today – I’m surviving.  The past week has been daunting and the week to come will be too.


  • Monday – I get my PICC line inserted.  I remember my last insertion as if it were yesterday.  I didn’t have to wait for it.  I think the waiting this go around is going to be worse than the actual insertion.  But it’s not the insertion I’m worried about – it’s the money.  After the insertion, I head to my doctor’s office for some blood work.
  • Tuesday – I work for a couple of hours.  Then I go over to my doctor’s office for more blood work.  I am also supposed to get a dressing change. I remember these like yesterday.   They are painful, but relieving – if that even makes sense.  I had so much trouble with mine last time I was at the doctor’s office a lot.  They blistered and skin sloughed.  It oozed through my bandage and on more than one occasion, I had to turn around before I even got back home to get the dressing rechanged because the ooze went through my dressing.
  • Wednesday – I will go in for more blood work (Vampire much?) and get my first IV infusion through the PICC line.  I named the last one Priscilla.  There was no reason, but I’m thinking about naming this one Maggie – as in Magical.  I hope she does the trick for me.  Yes I know you might think it’s dumb to name a medical device, but I think it helps ease the tension.  Plus when I go to work and if anyone asks – I can tell them the name of the medical  device.  I’ll probably change my mind about the name, but who knows –  I’ll get a Vitamin C infusion.  I’ve had these bunches.  They’ll reteach me how to do these at home.
  • Thursday – I will actually do an IV at home!  It sounds so exciting, but it’s not.  I’ve done them at home before.  I hope the process is like riding a bike.
  • Friday – I work another couple of hours and then I go back for another dressing change – and another IV.  They will increase the dosage of Vitamin C in my IV.
  • Saturday!  A Freebie Day!  Although I’ll need to ask if I need to put something in my PICC because last time I pushed something out of a syringe nightly.
  • Sunday – My 2nd IV at home.