January 2014 Follow Up

I was supposed to have my follow up today (a snow day here in NC btw – it snowed last night and the ground is blanketed with whiteness this morning).  However, last Wednesday they called and asked if I could come in on Monday instead.   They had a cancellation and knew that I prefer to come to follow ups earlier rather than later.  I took them up on their offer (and thank goodness I did because my hubby was able to go with me to this very important appointment).

Typically I am at the office for about 2 to 2 and 1/2 hours, but on this particular day – I was there 3 and 1/2 hours and then went to the pharmacy to put in my prescriptions.  I won’t give specifics on the oral medications that I’ll be on, but after my follow up – my doctor worked on my treatment plan while I was still in the office with his staff.  He came out and announced that I would begin treatment on Monday – (my birthday!!!).  I will be on 2 IV antibiotics (Rocephin & Cipro) plus some other oral antibiotics.  We’re concerned about Lyme Disease, but even more concerned for Bartonella & Babesia – and one of hte staff is concerned about Mycoplasma so I will be doing an herbal remedy specifically for Mycoplasma.  For those that don’t know – Mycoplasma species have been identified in ticks.  These are smaller than bacteria – and invade human cells & disrupt the immune system.  Some symptoms include fatigue, musculoskeletal symptoms and cognitive problems.  All of these symptoms I have in spades.  It can also be treated with antibiotics, so between the herbal & antibiotic therapy, I should be sweeping these little guys away!


Each week of treatment will vary just slightly, but the first two weeks of treatment are going to kick my back side.  I joke that it’s a slap, backslap, gut punch, repeat.  Am I worried?  You betcha! But, it’s only because I always worry when I start new medications and there are a lot of new medications to start on Monday.

What is the plan?  Basically –

  • Kill the bugs
  • Dissolve the Biofilm
  • Detox the body of dead bugs

In addition, I have several deficiency’s that we’re going to try to take care of.  Some are ongoing issues such as Vitamin D and others are newly popped up deficiency’s – Once I get my head wrapped around it all, I might post a better idea of what I’ll be doing.

To be honest, this has been a long time coming.  I’ve tired a lot of things since March of 2007  and now it’s time to pull out the big guns from one of the most well known Lyme Physician in the US.   I’m so blessed that my Lyme Physician keeps learning new things every time I see him so that he always has something interesting to tell me.   Right now, there is not one person in his office that I’m not fond of – (one person I’m leary of for my particular case, but I do like her a lot!)  They always take such great care of me.  I’ll see them twice next week and twice the week after, then it should go back down to once per week while I’m on the PICC line.