Welcome to Living the Lyme Life

Welcome to everyone who has found their way to my new blogging forum.  I began a journal online in September of 2008 and since beginning another website on the wordpress site, it has become difficult to stay consistent in blogging on the other site.  I decided it would be beneficial to me if I began using wordpress for my personal blog.  By the time I began my blog, I had already been in treatment for 18 months.  I wish I had begun my journaling earlier, but the title of the blog would have been vastly different:  Living a Symptom Filled Life with No Actual Diagnosis.   What a mouth full.

For those of you that are new to Living the Lyme Life, I wanted to do a bit of an introduction.   My name is Jennifer. I actively began fighting the world of Lyme & Co-infections March of 2007.  Truthfully, my real fight began well before 2007.  It honestly began in 1995. Though since my diagnosis in 2007, I’ve dabbled in mineral deficiency, progesterone defiency, heavy metal toxicity and other health issues. I had a PICC line inserted into my right arm in July of 2008. I battled with it every day until February 2009. It probably should have been pulled on many occasions though I had wonderful nurses, doctors, insertion team and my husband to help me keep it as long as I needed it. I used it right up until the night before it was finally pulled.

Many people make an assumption that my PICC was used for Antibiotic therapies, but I used it for vitamins, minerals, chelation and an experimental antimicrobial therapy.  I rarely talk about the antimicrobial therapy because of the extreme controversial nature (even in the Lyme Community), but I would do it again in a heart beat if it were available.  I feel that this therapy did more for me in 9 months than anything else I’ve tried.  It put me in a state of remisssion and if I hadn’t been in a state of denial, I would not be as ill as I am today.  I thought I was in remission for a longer period than I actually was.  I ignored symptoms that were  creeping in.

In 2011, I tried using Low Dose Naltraxone to boost my immune system.  However, it gave me massive headaches and I couldn’t sleep well due to the vivid dreams that would wake me up.  We also tried mainly herbal remedies in 2011 and in 2012, I went back to oral antibiotics.  We were going to consider IV antibiotics, but I was so sick it wasn’t an option.  At some point during 2013, I became so sick that we stopped the antibiotics all together and have focused solely on detoxification.

I try to live my life the best I can with the skills that I have and the love I receive.  My husband & I got married in April 2000.  He is my rock.  He supports me with his quirky sense of humor and selfless determination to get to the root of my health issues.  After I struggled for 11 years, he did research on Lyme Disease in 2006 and found my LLMD.  He helped fill out the paperwork for me to be able to see him.  When my brain wasn’t functioning as well, he came with me to every appointment and many of my IV therapies.  In addition to this, we have two dogs that we rescued a long time ago.   One is a lab mix that we adopted from the SPCA when he was about 8 months old. We also rescued a Dachshund from a house. I went over to this house with a friend of mine to donate clothes for the mother. When we arrived, there was a terrible stench that greeted us. The house was full of children and pets. I mentioned how many pets they had and the lady said they were trying to get rid of one of them. I found this lovely scared overweight Dachshund under the couch. I told the lady I would take her to the SPCA and find her a home. I fell in love and she’s been under our loving care ever since. She’s definately no longer shy, but does get scared at new people. She’s no longer overweight either!

I work in a child care school. Although I used to work full time in a preschool classroom, it became difficult to continue to do so. I resigned my full time position in December of 2011 and work as a substitute.  I miss my work friends and the children dearly when I’m on a health hiatus.  I love taking photographs, going to Carolina basketball games and listening to the Western Carolina Pride of the Mountains Marching Band.

I have always believed that there is a reason for everything.  My passion will get me through to not only help myself, but to help others.  I lead a local support group for Lyme and also manage the NC Lyme Advocacy website, Facebook Page and Group.  Be patient while I get this new blog up and running.  I want to transfer some of the old posts to this one so it may take some time to get everything up and running.