Exercise & PT

Based on yesterday’s evaluation and really paying attention to my body, I realize I’m going too fast too soon.  While I *canI go for 20 minutes on the Elliptical, it may not be the best idea for me at this time.  I’m now going to pace it at 10 to 15 minute trips aiming at 1/2 mile to 3/4 mile.  I can pretty much go for 5 minutes without any breathing or sweating trouble, although my right knee to hip bothers me a lot after only a couple of minutes.

The PT evaluation we mainly focused on my back & hips although we may wind up hitting other areas, but I think if my hips and back get stronger then my endurance will increase.  Since I have an elliptical machine at home, they recommended me to come in twice a week and I can work on the Elliptical Machine at home on my off days.  They did have me walk on the Elliptical there to see where we started with baseline and I actually went as slow as I did the first day I got on it.  My lower extremities were really bothering me a lot yesterday.


Physical Therapy Evaluation

My last follow up went so well I didn’t cry when I left.  We discussed my muscle & joint pain and my desire to start moving more.  This lead to a discussion of physical therapy.  I’m going today for my first evaluation.  I hope they can help.