Post PICC Process

I had my PICC pulled on December 2nd.

On the first week, I used both Nasacort & DoTerra Coconut Oil often.

The first two days i used Nasacort twice daily (once in morning & once before bed).  I used the Coconut Oil 6 times a day.  Once after the Nasacort dried, three to four times in the day and then once in the middle of the night.   Then I reduced the Nasacort to once daily (since I realized it was only supposed to be used once per day per directions on bottle). I used the Coconut Oil four to six times per day and the Nasacort once per night for the rest of the week.

On December 5th, my arm started swelling in the center (insertion point) and itching, but by next morning it felt much better.

On December 9th, I stopped using the Nasacort and only used the Coconut Oil.  I used it 3 to 4 times per day depending on how itchy my arm was.  I did this for one week.

On December 16th, I stopped using Coconut Oil multiple times per day.  I used the DoTerra Unscented Lotion twice daily (once upon waking & once upon going to bed).  If I had an itchy spot during the day I would put a little bit of Coconut Oil on it.  Some point during this week, my dry spots improved.  It still itchy & you can still see a bit of irritation.  However, compared to the first week it feels amazing!  I plan on taking a picture of my arm on Tuesday (3 weeks post pull). – I forgot to take pictures.  My arm looks pretty good.  There is a slight itching every now & again and it’s a little splotchy in spots, but overall it’s doing well.  🙂


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