It’s OUT!!

My arm feels so absolutely weird.

I had an appointment at 10am and my nurse called me right back for my blood work.  After filling up a lot of tubes, I got to pee in a sterile cup.  THEN – I laid down one last time for her to undo my dressing.  Now last time, I had mine taken out while sitting up.  This time however, they had me lay down and look right.  I had to take a deep breath and then she slowly pulled it while I held my breath.  Truthfully, it feels a little weird, but it doesn’t hurt during the process.

Typically they use some sort of tegaderm with sterile gauze, but with me – that’s not an option. So she put the sterile gauze on and mummified my arm with coban.  She said when I got home I could remove it.  I did. It looks so weird! It sort of hurts right now so I’m going to keep it covered for the rest of the day with a small once inch strip with sterile gauze, but the insertion point definitely looks better than it did the last time.

I’m sure it will start to feel more nornal as the week goes on. I called my best friend and said there was something missing from my heart.  😉 Priscilla now has a friend –  Nick.  Nick the PICC treated me much better than Priscilla the PICC. Thank you Nick!


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