It’s coming out!

I had my follow up on Monday the 24th. We discussed my picc line and briefly a port option.  However, we both decided that it was time that my body have a foreign object break.  My veins are so poor that he wanted to get one last great blood draw before we yank the thing so he left me to hang out in the hallway while he decided which tests he wanted to run.  He told the nurse and I waited.  I texted my husband to let him know it was coming out and continued to wait.  He came out to tell me the sad news that they had r un out of the vials they needed for some of the tests he wanted run.  The other nurse came over to let me know she requested a rush on the order and was hoping it would come in on Tuesday.  They scheduled my blood work and big yank on Tuesday morning.

On that evening (about 5:30PM), they front office staff calls me to let me know that they had not received any word the the vials were going to arrive in time and rescheduled me for Wednesday just in case. They would call me if it did come in, but they didn’t think it would arrive for Tuesday labs. They were concerned it would not arrive even for Wednesday.  I tried not to get my hopes up, but honestly they were.  I was disappointed Monday night that it was not the last night I would be sleeping with my totally tubular friend.  I woke up on Wednesday morning and thanked my dear friend for being not too big of a pain the past 11 months & 11 days – and off hubby & I went.

I sat in the waiting room and then the office lady that called me opened the window and said it would be just a few minutes and apologized for everyone that was waiting.  I turned around and said, “quick question.  Did it come in?”  She gave me an empathetic half smile and said she was sorry but it had not.  I turned back around and a tear fell from my eyes.  I tried not to get my hopes up, but they were anyway.  The reason why I didn’t just leave is that I needed a dressing change because it would not hold up until the next time they’d be open since they would be closed the next 4 days.  I joked with the nurse that I shouldn’t have to pay for my dressing change – because it was their fault they didn’t have the supplies – and my line should have been pulled on Monday.  She agreed and said they had some supplies donated and they wouldn’t charge me for the dressing change.  We decided instead of trying on Monday to try for Tuesday (December 2nd).  I’m not sure whether the supplies will be there for the blood work, but I’ve been extremely patient and am ready to have a tube free arm.   If it’s not there, I may be taking a 3 to 4 hour trip to Asheville to get the vials myself.


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