Back to the drawing board

I have had a very difficult few weeks.   At my last follow up, we discussed focusing on a parasite protocol.  We decided to do this based on some of my recurrent symptoms.  I also was pulling out of my IV antibiotic therapy fairly well and we were hoping to go a while without needing anything to treat specifically Lyme and Bartonella.  The Parasite protocol would cover some aspects of the Babesia coinfection.  The first few weeks were bad, but  nothing that I couldn’t handle.  On June 23rd, I began a new parasite medicine and within a couple of days my mild to moderate headache changed over to a severe headache.  Next thing I knew, it had been one week with a severe headache.  My head was pounding and throbbing at the front, but then it became out of control and my entire head hurt – and it felt like there was a belt strapped around the circumference of my head and squeezed to the tightest possible notch.  I tried a lot of different options, including skipping doses of medication and focusing on detox.  I even went back to some over the counter pain medications, but nothing put even a dent. Last week I  grabbed my last straw.  I felt extremely discouraged that I had fallen so far backwards in my symptoms.

Ultimately, we decided to push up my follow up appointment.  We went back to the drawing board today.  I will focus on detoxification for a couple of more weeks along with some herbal remedies.  Then I will return to some IV therapy (Still have my PICC line) for a few weeks and then focus on parasites again for a week or two. Then I will repeat this process. I am hopeful that this back to to board approach will work.

In addition to all of this, I needed to do something that would lift my spirits.  I have been posting Songs of the Day (SOTD) on my FB page for the past week and decided to add a tab to this website to serve as reminder for myself when I need a little cheering up.  Hope you all like it too.  🙂




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