I’m alive

I intend to do better with my blogging, but then something gets in the way.  Like time gets away from me even though I’m mainly only treating.

What have I done lately?

From March 17th to April 17th – I did two fundraisers – in which I raised over $900.00 for NC Lyme Advocacy!  Very excited about that!

I’ve also sold several orders of Lyme bracelets – the We Fight Lyme Together Styles. If you are interested – you can order straight from here. The biggest portion of the proceeds will go towards advocacy efforts in NC that I put together.  🙂

*Bypass Information* Pay through paypal after you send in the form – the paypal email address is livinglymelife@gmail.com –

Make sure you pay the correct amount in full.  Here are the amounts in full including shipping costs (and tracking)
3 bracelets – pay $15 (or $16.05 if you want tracking)

5 bracelets – pay $21 (or $22.05 if you want tracking)

7 bracelets – pay $27 (or $28.05 if you want tracking)

10 bracelets – pay $33 (or $34.05 if you want tracking)


New Oils

I received my oils & I love them!  Not all of them mind you, but most of them.  I discovered right away that I am a big fan of the citrus oils.  I ordered some carrier oil & a bottle of wild orange!  I absolutely am a huge fan of the Wild Orange Diffusing into my home.   It took me a while to get the hang of using the diffuser – as in which oils I love & which oils I didn’t love so much.  However I know there are benefits to the ones I don’t love so much – so – today – I dipped a toothpick into a bottle of the digestive blend – and stirred that into the water in the diffuser.  Then I dropped a couple of drops of lemon & wild orange to cover up the smell of the Digestive Blend. – I let it run for 20 minutes and then I took my Coartem, which typically makes me very sick to my stomach.  I don’t actually get sick, but it just makes me feel queezy all over.

I ate something, took my Coartem and then went to the couch to breathe in the goodness of Orange, Lemon & a slight hint of Digestive Blend (it’s the Ginger smell that’s overpowering to me).  I didn’t need to run to my storage unit for Zofran!  Amazing!


Arm update:  Doing pretty well.  This week going for one full week!  From Tuesday to Tuesday!  That’s the longest I think I’ve been since January.

PICC Line Update

I need to go back through and update my PICC post with  updates, but one day after I had a dressing change my dressing had ooze coming through.  After watching it for a while on a Saturday morning, I decided to go to the doctor to get it changed.  It looked awful.  Worst it’s looked since I’ve gotten a PICC this go around.  It was the same shape as the grip-lok.  So much for that.  We decided to use the biopatch even though it had caused me problems previously and I kept my Monday appointment.  In just a short time it looked better, but it was still pretty awful.


I had complained on FB and specifically asked for no help (because typically it’s things we’ve already tried).  However, help came in the form of an angel.  This sweet friend of mine messaged me to ask if I had ever heard of putting Nasacort (the nasal spray) on my arm under the dressing.  I had not.  We decided to keep using the Bactroban that Monday (because doctor wasn’t there to say it was okay) and then decided to use the same stuff on Thursday because they wouldn’t be available for me over the weekend.  On that Monday, it looked better – but not great.  We sprayed the Nasacort on after cleaning it like normal.  Then we let it dry completely and put sterile gauze over top.  It felt SO good.  I went home and it did not itch even ONCE.  When I got back on that Thursday – my arm looked SO GREAT that we decided to extend my next dressing change from Monday to Wednesday!  It is such a blessing to only need to go to the doctor’s office once this week!   So amazing that it went from still red and gross looking to very dry & crusty in such a shirt time period.  And I’ve only had a bit of itching (and by bit I mean I woke up one night with a “slight” itch and I scratched over the dressing for a few seconds and it was gone).


I’m going to try to look at the dates when all of that happened to put in my running PICC line post.



Favorite Essential Oils




I have heard a lot about essential oils and thought I’d take the time to share with you what they’ve done for me.   I’ve heard a lot about them, but had never tried any myself.  After going to a class on them, I actually thought about ordering some.  However, I didn’t want to spend a whole lot for products that I wasn’t sure was going to work.  So I ordered a small kit with 3 tiny bottles of Lavender, Lemon & Peppermint.   I used the Lavender to help with sleep, Lemon for cleaning and Peppermint for headaches.  I’ve almost used the entire bottle of lemon oil in a very short amount of time.   Finally I bit the bullet and ordered a kit and got a diffuser.  Perfect timing because I began a new IV antibiotic on Monday.  I opened up the box and read the instructions on how to diffuse the oils.  I took it very slowly because I *am* sensitive to smells.  I poured a little bit of warm water into the diffuser and dropped a couple of drops of peppermint & lavender into the diffuser and turned it on.  It smelled so nicely and my headache from my first IV was gone within 30 minutes of turning on the diffuser.

When I started my IV later, I chose to use only the oils instead of my pharamaceutical nausea medications.  It worked very well.  It wasn’t perfect, but it was so much better than if I hadn’t used anything.  I repeated it yesterday for both IV treatments, but I did use ONE tab of nausea medication (instead of two).  The rest of the oils haven’t come in, but I’m looking forward to trying them when they do get here.